Trygghetsfonden TSL, an Employment Transition Fund

TSL is an insurance system based on a collective labor agreement. The TSL-system was founded by Svenskt Näringsliv (The Confederation of Swedish Enterprise) and LO (The Swedish Trade Union Confederation), in February 2004. Approximately 100,000 companies are connected to the system and more than 900,000 blue-collar workers are included in the system.

The idea of the adjustment programme is to help the individual to find a job, or start a business, to ease the restructuring process for the company and the local union and to increase the security of the employee during restructuring.

The TSL staff consists of 44 employees and has 33 companies (suppliers) that performs the adjustment programmes to the individuals. The company and local union applies for adjustment services.

The distribution of responsibility within the TSL-system

The need of help among those who have been given notice varies. Those who easily find a new job do not need much help from the TSL system, and in some cases, support other than that of the TSL system is needed.

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If you wish to make an application, go to Apply for adjustment support (in Swedish).

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