Request for payment and other documents

Link here to templates for payments, assignment agreements, questions that may be of help with procurements, and other documents related to adjustment support. If you wish to make an application, go to Apply for adjustment support.

Request for payment, applies only to employers

The grant for adjustment support is paid in arrears to the employer against a voucher for payment of invoice from the outplacement firm.

The amount per person is SEK 22,000 (excluding VAT) for applications created as of 1 April 2014 (prior to that date SEK 20,000). The VAT is deducted by the employer.

Request for payment of grants, only applicable for unions in the event of bankruptcies

The invoice from the outplacement firm shall be reviewed and approved by the union, which then requests TSL to pay the outplacement firm directly.

Procurement and assignment

TSL has prepared a template for assignment agreement between the employer and the outplacement.  The template should be viewed as an aid.  You can also use it to download a questionnaire for basic information from when the employer, union, and the outplacement firm discuss and negotiate terms.

Framework for collaboration

Link here to download a flow chart for how the application and outplacement are carried out in the TSL system, the cooperation agreement signed between TSL and the outplacement firm and TSL's ethical policy for the outplacement firm’s contacts with companies and unions.  More information on how to become an outplacement consultant in the TSL system.

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